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Welcome to Instant Resale Products!!
Free Instant Downloads
Available Now !!


Get FREE Instant Access To The
of Re-sell Products Available On The Web

Sell Them! Give Them Away!
Use Them as Incentives!

Just Imagine How You Could Use RE-SELL and MASTER RE-SELL RIGHTS to E-books, Software, Banner Templates, Videos and More!!

Offering Freebies is the Most Powerful
Marketing Method Available!

By giving away our FREE e-books, software, videos, templates and more, you can drive traffic to your website, secure more newsletter sign-ups, become known as an expert in your field, and increase sales.

Just look at the amazingly simple yet highly effective possibilities listed below :
Generate more opt-in newsletter subscriptions by offering a free gift to all new sign ups
Encourage subscribers to look out for and read your newsletter by regularly offering a free gift from within the body of your newsletter
Defeat your competition by increasing your 'leads' - simply offer a freebie to those who agree to receive regular offers from your company
Improve survey participation by offering a freebie for every survey completed
Increase memberships by offering competition prizes to members only
Increase profits by using freebies as a bonus to anybody choosing a specific subscription level to your service
Offer free gifts to your website visitors and promote your give-aways in e-zines and freebie directories
Link to your give-aways in free articles that you syndicate through RSS feeds
Convert visitors into subscribers by offering a freebie with every new subscription
Escalate sales by using them as FREE GIFTS with every customer order
Thank your customers for their order by offering an amazing special free gift

Our products are both highly desirable and extremely effective so no previous marketing skills are necessary - just let them work for themselves to increase traffic and sales. With just a little imagination and our outstanding offers, the possibilities are endless and the benefits unlimited !!

REMEMBER - Full GIVE-AWAY RIGHTS Are Available On Products Available To ALL FREE MEMBERS!

Download e-books RED-HOT off the press!

Give-away our products today to start reaping benefits you could otherwise only dream of

Every product we have available for free download comes with full give-away rights. Yes, that's EVERY product on this site!!Choose our FREE Membership for immediate downloads.

Silver products have the added bonus of coming with 100% Re-sell Rights but the best is yet to come!!
"Gold" Membership gives access to hundreds of products with 100% MASTER RE-SELL RIGHTS!!

Registration's free. Once you've registered you can choose to either stay at the FREE Membership level or upgrade to either Silver or the exclusive Gold Membership offering special privileges not found elsewhere.

Before you decide, let's have a closer look at the three levels of membership to help you decide which is best suited to your particular needs.

  • FREE DOWNLOADS - Our FREE membership package that's perfect if you simply want a few give-aways to offer potential newsletter subscribers or survey participants. If you don't need re-sell rights or complete packages, our FREE "Standard Membership" is the ideal solution for you.

  • SILVER - This level is suitable if you're looking for e-books, software, templates and more that have re-sell and master re-sell rights. Many have their own pre-written sales pages, too.

  • Because of their higher value, our "Standard Plus" products make terrific give-aways. What's more, if you choose to sell them you get to keep 100% of the profits yourself.

  • Register free and then upgrade to "Silver". All this will be yours for just $97.00 a year.

  • GOLD - As the name implies, this is the package that will go above and beyond your expectations - the package that brings you everything you need and more!!

    A "Gold Membership" gives you everything available to "Silver" members PLUS you'll have exclusive access to all the GOLD e-books, software, templates and packages including Bundled Sets and Pre-Written Website Sales Letters to ensure you get the absolute best out of your offers. In addition, we're always adding amazing surprise bonuses to further enhance your marketing campaigns.

    Most of the packages that are exclusive to "Gold" members would cost between $30 and $147 each if bought elsewhere! Incredible but true!

    No doubt you're wondering how we can afford to make them freely available to download for nothing more than the cost of a once-only membership fee. Easy! By buying the master re-sell rights to all of these packages we're able to pass on part of our profits to you, our customers. Pay once and download anything you find on the site without ever paying a single dollar more!

    All this for a one off payment of just $247.00

    Yes, that's right - 'Gold' membership will be yours for life. No more payments ever again - everything you see on will be available to download and use whenever, wherever!
Remember that as a member of, no matter what level of membership you choose you'll be given access to ALL current downloads and any future additions that apply to your level of membership.

"Silver" and "Gold" members will find quality products being regularly added at prices that are lower than you'll find anywhere else on the web. There's no need for those with "FREE" memberships to feel left out, though. We'll be regularly adding to the free sections, too.


Read through what's available with each package before signing up to decide which level best covers your needs.

Give-away Rights - This means that you're free to pass on the product at no cost to anybody and without receiving any form of remuneration. Most e-books and software packages will carry a declaration of status so there should be no confusion.

Re-sell Rights - This means that you can sell the product. What's more, as it's royalty free you get to keep 100% of any profits made.

These products usually come with pre-written sales pages, product images, and sometimes even thank you pages. In most cases a suggested or minimum retail price will be displayed.

Master Re-sell Rights - If you own the "master re-sell rights" to a product it means you can do anything you wish with it. You can sell it, donate it, use it as a prize, bundle it, use it as part of a new information package or even include it in a site like this one to pass along to another link in the chain. You can even sell it for more than you paid for it!!

"Master re-sell rights" give the owner complete control over the product.

Just use the menu on the top left-hand side of your screen to view available products within each of our membership categories.

Remember: is a brand new service. New products will be added regularly until we have a stock that will be second to none.

Let our products work for you by:
  • Successfully promoting your services with minimal effort
  • Significantly increasing the number of visitors to your website
  • Multiplying your newsletter subscriptions several times over
  • Dramatically boosting sales and memberships
  • Increasing visitor participation in polls and surveys
  • Targeting thousands of potential clients
  • And even MAKING MONEY selling sought after information that others have collected and compiled for you!
Register for your FREE MEMBERSHIP to
START DOWNLOADING our free e-books, software,
templates and more.

Absolutely everything you see on the "Standard Members" page will be yours to download within minutes.

Your full and complete satisfaction is important to us. If you're not 100% satisfied with your membership you're free to cancel at any time without any questions being asked - that's how confidant we are that you'll never regret becoming a member of

With Warm Regards,

The "" Team


NOTE: It is the responsibility of the individual member to check licenses before giving away or re-selling any products made available through

REMEMBER - If you choose a "Silver" or "Gold" membership, you'll NEVER have to pay for any of the new products added to the site during the course of your membership.

"Silver" members receive free access to all new products for a whole year - "Gold" members will have lifetime access to everything ever made available on any area of the site.

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