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How to Make Money with Private Label RightsPublished on 16-03-2007
By Wayne Gillies

Resource Start Making Money Now With Your Own Private Label Rights by Acquiring Your Own Fresh Quality PLR Products
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What are private label rights? Private Label products have been around the Internet for some time now earning an income for many people. They are basically the rights that a person gains to a particular product, which he or she can sell as the author or developer of the product in question.

One might wonder at the difference between private label rights and products with resell rights. Product with resell rights are still a good way to earn money, However, a person that obtains the right to resell a product as is, without changing its form, design or name is not maximising the potential of using Private Label Rights (PLR).

On the other hand, if you have a private label right to a particular product, you would gain the right to modify or change an original product, create your own specifications, apply modifications then claim it as your own original product.

E-books, software, articles and other written, raw material are just some examples of products that you can obtain private label rights too.

Let’s take an –book as an example. If an author of an e-book would give you private label rights about "Mobile Phone Technology", you could then modify the content to tackle the latest developments about this ever-changing technology.

There are many ways that you can them make this product your own i.e. you can add features and create helpful sub-topics that would best fit the current trends in mobile technology.

After the modifications, you can then claim the rights to the e-book that you modified.

The idea may have been copied or bought, but you get to have the rights to resell the "new" product resulting from the one that was modified.

'New versus modified'

In a basic business course, you are taught to develop an original product which will "sell" to a particular market.

Take the car for instance – Once the engineers have come up with the basic design, it’s then modified for different consumers. They will then sell different models of the same basic design.

You have learned that an original design and functionality will pave the way towards introducing a great new invention in the market.

However, developing and manufacturing your own product is quite a tedious process.

The good thing is that once you have an output, you can profit from your original product by several ways.

First, you can sell the rights for business owners to resell your products without any modifications whatsoever (Resell Rights).

You can also build a web site for your product and get other related web sites to advertise your products for you as an affiliate.

Once you find that your product is not anymore at par with the current technological standards and it does not meet the consumer's needs, then you can modify/improve it time and time again.

The resulting product with the new modifications will again earn you the rights to resell that new product. The possibilities are endless once you have developed a product of your own.

Now, take a look at the advantages of a modified product as a result of gaining private label rights.

First, this is the easiest way to build a business if you do not have the time to develop your own product. Gaining private label rights would make it "legal" for you to re-use the original product content without having to worry about infringements on intellectual property rights.

This principle mostly applies to written and electronic material such as e-books, articles, even source codes, although nowadays you can get PLR’s to almost any kind of household products as well.

Second, if you use your creativity to modify an existing product and make it your own, you are well on the way to making increased profits from your own product.

If you put together ten articles about a common theme, modify them a bit to come up with one basic idea, you would have a resulting product which is more comprehensive than the original material. This is better as compared to just combining two articles with the same idea and packaging them individually.

You can also use the original material or text and use the private label rights that you obtained to develop a web site about the same topic from

There are hundreds of possibilities about how you can earn money with the use of private label rights. Affiliate sites and other web sites offering private label rights would make modifications seem effortless.

This area of Internet marketing shows such potential and although you may not think it, many online marketers are grabbing the opportunity by the scruff of the neck as its still an un-discovered market.

All you have to do is find the right material to work with and you can have an instant product to work with. Just change the graphics, modify the content and you are good to go.

The great thing about this is that you can re-package the material and present them to buyers in any way that you would like. Additionally, you get the glory of credibility since you can put your name on the printed or electronic material because the product is yours to claim now.

With a little creativity, resourcefulness and effort, you can earn hundreds of dollars by using private label rights to come up with original products that you can distribute to your target market.

With this, the difficulties of conceptualizing and manufacturing an original product will be eliminated yet yield almost the same results when it comes to profit.

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